The new Christmas range is now available for the silly season. Rather than your typical generic glittery Christmas card, Bettie’s range is a real head scratcher.

For the pub quiz lover in all of us, each of the cards is a Dingbat puzzle that when solved is a common Christmas phrase.

Made of fully recycled card, the range includes 20 different designs, each their  own puzzling picture phrase. Get your Family and Friend’s brains moving with these unique Christmas cards.

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Funny Christmas Cards: Dingbat collection

Being Sick Sucks…. until you get a Bettie Confetti Card

… actually it still sucks after you’ve had one of our cards, but it’s surely made a teeny tiny difference?

We’ve just launched three new get well soon cards for all your disease infested, fractured bone possessing friends. Ew. So when you know someone that needs a bit of cheering up or is feeling  a bit sorry for themselves, these are the cards you need.

Make them feel less like a leper today. 

Funny Get Well Soon Card: Get well soon you clumsy bastard.